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Blog /Mosie Saves Couple Thousands at Fertility Clinic

Mosie Saves Couple Thousands at Fertility Clinic

My husband and I had been struggling to conceive for a while now. We struggled with our daughter 5 years ago as well. My husband has ED, especially when he feels the pressure of needing to perform that time of month. I did some research and found Mosie. We thought it wouldn’t hurt to give that a try before spending thousands at the fertility clinic. We were successful with Mosie on the first attempt. We couldn’t be more pleased and happy.

Other methods before Mosie? Clomid
Other methods with Mosie? Clomid
How many cycles did you use Mosie? 1
How long did you try before Mosie? 6-12 months
What obstacles did you face? Erectile Dysfunction, Performance Anxiety

- C & B from Tennessee