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Blog /A 5 Year Journey leads to them to a BFP with Mosie!

A 5 Year Journey leads to them to a BFP with Mosie!

To start off, me and my husband have been TTC for 5 years. I have suffered from infertility for 4 years. We have struggled to get pregnant with only one success unfortunately ending in a miscarriage. Six months later I researched mosie baby and decide to give it a try! I have to say that it was very user friendly and I was able to use with comfort! After the first use of mosie baby I am now pregnant!! I think that mosie baby worked because you are able to get so much closer to the opening of the uterus. Either way and for the price, I am very very happy with my results!

How long did you try before Mosie? Over 24 months
What obstacles did you face? Endometriosis, Miscarriage

- D & S from Arkansas