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Blog /How We Found Hope and Success with Mosie Baby

How We Found Hope and Success with Mosie Baby

5.5 years ago my husband and I started trying to conceive our first child. After 1 year we still had not conceived and we’re referred to try some different fertility medicines. We had no luck conceiving on various fertility medicine over year 2. After year 2 our OBGYN referred us to a reproductive endocrinologist, we were seen for 2 visits, covid hit, then our reproductive endocrinologist retired unexpectedly. Onto year 3 of trying to conceive we went. Early 2021 my husband felt a lump on his testicle, ended up meeting with many doctors and had multiple tests done. It was determined that the lump on his testicle was a cyst that affected his testosterone production.

He began taking the same fertility medicine I was and we hoped that would be our magic cure to unexplained infertility. Unfortunately it wasn’t! Year 4 of trying we both were over all the doctors and bills from trying to build our family. I stumbled upon Mosie Baby while scrolling social media, ordered a kit, and began trying to use it at least once or twice each monthly cycle. At the end of year 4 my husband and I both changed our lifecycles, lost a bit of weight, and said this was our year to conceive! With the help of Mosie Baby in combination with planned intercourse we are happily expecting our own little miracle!

- B&C from WI