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Blog /After Two Miscarriages, Third Time is a Charm!

After Two Miscarriages, Third Time is a Charm!

We tried to conceive for about a year before trying Mosie. We never had a positive test in all of that time. We finally succeeded after a couple of months with Mosie. I wrote in to share our success story and you sent a wonderful little onesie! Unfortunately, we then had a miscarriage. We tried again and received another positive test! Again, another miscarriage. Third time’s a charm, right? We received our third positive test and this time we made it all the way to the end. Now we have our beautiful 5 month old boy. After a year of not even the slightest success, to then having multiple fertilizations in a row! Mosie baby is the real deal. Although we had our challenges, we wouldn’t have our son without Mosie.

- M&M from AZ