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Blog /Busy Lives Made TTC Baby #2 a Challenge They Met With Mosie

Busy Lives Made TTC Baby #2 a Challenge They Met With Mosie

Well we had tried for almost a year and then I saw the advertisement on Facebook for Mosie Baby and decided to give it a try. We have a pretty busy life and with a 4 year old who is glued to me, it was really difficult to get any private time and also schedule that private time around when I was ovulating. 

We got Mosie and would just distract our son with cartoons or a bath which would give us around 5 minutes and just the right amount of time for a quickie or honestly an oral quickie (let’s be real here girls lol). I used Mosie everyday starting 3 days before ovulation and once used it twice in a day and boom! 

My second cycle using it I am now 16 weeks pregnant with a little boy. So glad to have found Mosie Baby!! It was a blessing for us!

- M & A from Texas

M&A - We love your honesty about what it took for you, as busy parents, to find the time to get together and make a baby! Romance is wonderful, but you’re right that ovulation doesn’t always make it easy to carve out enough time for candles and wooing. Thank you for bringing us on this journey with you! Wishing you a safe, healthy term and arrival of baby brother! - Marc + Mo