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Blog /4 Years of TTC and Facing Vaginismus, They Tried Mosie

4 Years of TTC and Facing Vaginismus, They Tried Mosie

We got our BFP on January 30th 2021! It was the first time we had used Mosie, and we are overjoyed! I suffer from Vaginismus, and we were starting to lose hope that we would be able to have a baby. I have been having pelvic floor physio for the past year, and this time last year, trying to use a tampon would be super painful. So with regular physio appointments, I began working towards using a tampon successfully. In the fall, after speaking with my doctor, she felt it was time to make a Gynecologist appointment to discuss IUI. She also made a passing comment about how she had heard of people becoming pregnant with the turkey baster method. It got me thinking and I started looking into home ICI more seriously. The idea of using a regular syringe was not an option due to my Vaginismus so when I first came across Mosie Baby, I honestly couldn't believe it! Here was an at home option, the size of a tampon that had medical backing behind it! I showed my partner, and he was all up for trying it, we had nothing to lose!

We ordered it and because we're in Canada, it took about 4 weeks to reach us, probably due to Christmas and Covid! During this time I did so much research, and Mosie was a constant reliable source of information and support. Your videos explaining ovulation, cervical mucus and more were clear & personable, and it honestly felt like listening to a friend. Giving myself a month to learn also meant I was able to figure out my cycle and to understand ovulation kits, although they're not hard to understand, I wanted to get it fully when it was the first time using Mosie.

Our kit arrived after Christmas and I was so excited going to the post office! Getting it home, I was so happy to be able to compare the size of the Mosie syringe with the tampons I had been working with. It gave me hope that even if it didn't work on the first few tries, this was something I could manage both physically & mentally. And the packaging is so friendly and reassuring, it was like receiving a gift rather than something clinical.

I met my physio before my ovulation cycle was beginning and took Mosie with me so she could see what I would be working with. She was so supportive & excited that I would be trying this method and that it was available to me.

I was tracking my ovulation cycle and we decided to use Mosie on one of my high days & one of my peak days so the swimmers would be ready when my egg was released. Both times we used the Pre-Seed Lubrication which really helped with insertion. Honestly, it was less painful than a pap test, and I've had some horrendous experiences with those! I think because we were able to relax in our home, on our own bed, it really did make all the difference.

The week after we used Mosie, I started feeling nauseous & really tired but I just put that down to not sleeping great as I struggle sleeping. We decided rather than take a really early pregnancy test, that I was going to take it 3 days before my period was due. We also wanted to do it at the weekend so that we weren't rushing out the door to work and if it wasn't positive, we could just spend a nice weekend together accepting that it would take a little longer

Saturday morning rolled around and I did my first test and then made a cup of tea while it was processing. I couldn't believe it when I saw that there were two clear pink lines! I instantly took a second test as I had peed in a jar and gave it another few minutes and it said YES! I was giggling, crying, smiling and jumping for joy! I ran upstairs and woke my partner up and he couldn't believe it either! We never expected it to work on our first try, we were just so happy that Mosie Baby gave us the hope that we could one day be parents after years of thinking it couldn't happen but when it came back positive it felt like all our dreams came true!

I took a third test the next morning and it confirmed it again! I'm now waiting on my first appointment with my family doctor and we are starting to plan our life as a family of 3!

Thank you so much for all you and the team do! You're making amazing differences in people's lives!

- L from Canada

L - Warmest congratulations to you and your partner on getting your positive, especially after the journey you’ve had. And THANK YOU for such a thoughtful, detailed document of your personal journey. We’re proud of you, and we’re absolutely sure others facing similar challenges will learn and be inspired from your story. Vaginismus is much more common than most people realize and your story is helping to normalize a conversation around it. Wishing you a safe and healthy journey to meet your little one in October! - Maureen + Marc