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Blog /It Took 3 Cycles “and then boom!”

It Took 3 Cycles “and then boom!”

I heard about Mosie over coffee with a friend more than a year ago or so. No one knew then or now that we have an issue in this area, so I’m very thankful she mentioned it by chance in relation to another story. My fertility story is long and complicated but we never truly tried for a baby, nor did we do anything to prevent it for several years. There were physical and emotional obstacles. Still my dream of having a child always remained. Once we decided to try, we used Mosie each time. It took 3 cycles, and then boom! It happened. It is such a blessing to have found Mosie. I know that it would not have happened without this product. Thank you so much! Forever grateful for the chance to get help in an easy, affordable way and right in the privacy of our home.

- R&P from Texas

R&P,  The world works in mysterious ways and we’re so glad your friend mentioned Mosie to you! Congratulations on your big fat positive! We are honored Mosie was able to help you along on your journey and are wishing you all the very best! -Marc + Mo