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Blog /Husband Decided Mosie Was Worth a Try Before IVF, He Was Right!

Husband Decided Mosie Was Worth a Try Before IVF, He Was Right!

We’ve been TTC for over a year with no success. We came across Mosie Baby and my husband decided to give it a try before getting IVF. And voila... just one cycle, and we are now pregnant. Thank you Mosie Baby, we are forever grateful. Saved us thousands of bucks.

Did you face any obstacles: Erectile Dysfunction and Performance Anxiety, Male Factor Sperm Issues, Unexplained Infertility
How long were you trying before Mosie: 13 months - 18 months
Did you try anything at a doctor's office: Clomid and HSG

- D & C from NY

D&C, Yay! Saving some bucks and getting a BFP sounds like a win/win to us! 🥳 We’re so happy your hubby found Mosie and was up for giving it a try before IVF. Congrats to you both, and thank you for taking a moment to share your journey with the community. Others will absolutely benefit from your experience and decision to try Mosie before IVF. Wishing you both a healthy term and new addition! - Maureen + Marc