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Blog /Ready to Be a Mom, All She Needed Was a Donor and Mosie!

Ready to Be a Mom, All She Needed Was a Donor and Mosie!

I decided I was ready to be a mom and found a known sperm donor. We decided to start our journey with The Mosie Kit and after one month of trying, we were successful! Baby arrives in September.

- K from Canada

K, Warmest congrats to you on charting your own path to motherhood. We’re privileged to have played a small part in your TTC journey. And we wish everyone’s journey could be as smooth as yours (first try is not as common as people think!). 😊 Thank you so much for bravely sharing your story with our community. We know there are others out there ready to start their journeys and we’re confident they’ll find inspiration from your experience. Wishing you a safe and healthy term and new addition! - Maureen + Marc