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Blog /Waiting for Insurance to Kick In, They Tried Mosie!

Waiting for Insurance to Kick In, They Tried Mosie!

My husband (37) and I (33) had been off birth control for about 4.5 years, and actively trying for the past 2. We started to see fertility docs and had initial tests done, with no clear explanation for infertility so far. We were in a holding pattern fighting with insurance to get an HSG procedure approved. In the meantime, my husband had brought up the idea of trying an at-home kit and we figured we would give it a try before officially embarking on the path of difficult and expensive medical interventions. We liked Mosie the best in our online searching :) 

After one cycle of Mosie, we got a positive test! We are so excited, overwhelmed, and scared, particularly in this time of uncertainty in the world. We found out I was pregnant just a few days after the "Safer at Home" order. In many ways it's frightening, but in other ways we feel this is kind of a special unique opportunity to have this time home together as we comprehend and digest this news of our growing family, after all the effort and longing. We are trying to temper our expectations, knowing that the first trimester can result in miscarriage and heartbreak. But, I can't tell you how much it means that I got pregnant at all! It is a HUGE confidence booster that even if this first time isn't successful, we CAN get pregnant! Thank you, Mosie!

-M & M from California

M&M, Our hearts are with you as you navigate pregnancy during this challenging time. Wishing you a full and healthy term and sending you so many hugs! Our sincere congratulations to you and thank you for sharing your journey with the Mosie Community! -Marc + Mo