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Blog /The 2023 Holiday Fertility Gift Guide For People Who Are Trying To Conceive

The 2023 Holiday Fertility Gift Guide For People Who Are Trying To Conceive

The holidays are the perfect opportunity to show support for your friends or loved ones on their fertility journey. Acknowledging this time of life — the joy and the struggle — by surprising them with a fertility-friendly gift can be a meaningful way to show how much you care. You might even play a part in helping their dreams come true in the new year.


A good book can be a comforting friend on anyone’s fertility journey. Our selection of reads on conceiving is perfect for those cozy nights in, offering a mix of expert advice, relatable stories, and helpful tips. 

Here are a few from authors we love:

Baby Making for Everybody: Family Building and Fertility for LGBTQ+ and Solo Parents

This inclusive, straightforward guide to fertility is What to Expect Before You’re Expecting for families outside the heterosexual nuclear family model—perfect for LGBTQ+ and solo parents who want to have kids but don’t know where to start.  

Fertility Rules: The Definitive Guide to Male and Female Reproductive Health

Bringing a baby into the world isn’t always easy, and the challenge often starts with the decision to conceive. Leslie Schrock’s Fertility Rules is your practical guide through that process, drawing on cutting-edge science to provide advice every step along the way, from the complexities of pre-conception planning to the nuances of conception itself and what to do if you run into challenges.

Trying to Conceive Essentials 

Mosie Baby Conception Essentials Bundle

The TTC Essentials Trio is the perfect starter pack for the person who is ready to start their journey to parenthood. It comes with seven Mosie Baby Ovulation Predictors to pinpoint prime baby-making days, the Biogenesis™ Fertility Lubricant for a sperm-friendly boost, and two Mosie Baby Pregnancy Tests.

Sperm-friendly lube

Spice up your TTC journey with a dash of Good Clean Love BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant. This is not just any lube; it's a sperm-safe, paraben-free superhero that aligns with your body's pH, enhancing both comfort and your chances of conception. 

Fertility Supplements

The Boost Supplement by Proov is an herbal ally for fertility, blending evening primrose oil, red clover, dong quai, and black cohosh to support the body’s estrogen balance and production naturally. Giving hormones a gentle nudge in the right direction for a healthier cycle creates the optimal environment for fertility.

Often overlooked, sperm need love (and Folate) too. The Bird&be Male Fertility Supplement is a great way to ensure everything that plays a role in conceiving is in tip-top form. They also make incredible supplements for female fertility support too!

Fertility Tracker

For the person who loves tech —  the kegg is a cervical mucus tracker that helps someone identify their fertile window so they can try to conceive at the optimal time. This is an excellent gift for someone who would appreciate a deeper understanding of their body.

Mosie Baby E-Gift Card

The journey to make a baby can get expensive. Fertility treatments, time off of work, and loads of pregnancy tests are just the beginning. A Mosie Baby gift card to get the thing on their list, they want the most this year is a thoughtful way to show you care.

Acupuncture or Massage 

An acupuncture treatment or massage can be particularly beneficial for someone trying to get pregnant. These treatments not only provide physical relief but can promote mental and emotional balance. They may also potentially enhance fertility by reducing stress and improving overall body function.

At-Home Insemination Kit

This gift could truly change their life. The Mosie Baby At-Home Insemination Kit is a great gift option for anyone who has mentioned they’re interested in trying at-home insemination or that timing intercourse is putting a damper on the fun part of baby-making. Mosie Baby is the first patented home insemination syringe and has helped over 100,000 families try to conceive. Plus, the box can be a fun, uplifting storage solution for all their TTC essentials

Support & Hope

Fertility affirmation cards

Fertility affirmation cards offering daily words of encouragement are a wonderful way to support your friend or loved one on their journey to becoming a parent. These cards serve as gentle reminders of hope and resilience and provide strength and positivity during what can be a challenging journey.

Fertility Journal

Gifting a fertility journal is a thoughtful way to offer daily, mindful support. A journal provides a place to document this time of life, but this one, developed with input from licensed therapists, also offers tools for nurturing hope and resilience. Thoughtfully crafted prompts can help someone process their experiences, celebrate their progress, and maintain a positive outlook, making it a deeply meaningful and beneficial gift for someone trying to conceive.

Clean Skincare Kit

Some people who are trying to conceive may be more aware and concerned about the impact of toxins on their fertility. To subtly support their journey, consider giving a kit of natural beauty or skincare products. With so many brands committing to cleaner practices, sharing your favorite clean beauty or finding something new gives them a chance to pamper themselves on this journey.

Fun Activities 

Gifting an experience like an escape room, cooking class, or a night out dancing can provide a much-needed distraction from the stresses of trying to conceive. These activities offer a chance to unwind, have fun, and hopefully relax without being told to relax, which, let’s face it, never works.

Hello Vulva Tote Bag

Our 'Hello Vulva' tote bag is a cheeky holiday gift, celebrating body positivity with a playful and educational twist.  This bag is perfect for toting everyday essentials, or it could be an ironic place to store TTC items that will put a smile on your friend or loved one’s face throughout their journey.

Give the gift of fertility support this season

No matter what you choose to give, remember the most meaningful gift is showing that you see and support this huge step your friend’s or loved one’s life. Whether you express that through a thoughtfully chosen present or quality time spent together, we know it will be appreciated. Happy holidays, and may the new year bring joy and fulfillment to everyone on their TTC journey.