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Mosie Helped "Keep Sex Sexy" for Couple TTC

  • 1 min read

Mosie Baby boy laying on tummy and propped up on arms in living room of home.

My husband and I just weren't into having sex when we weren't in the mood in order to make a baby. It stressed us out and made sex unenjoyable. We were both getting ads for Mosie Baby and for us it was the obvious solution. I was pregnant after our second try with Mosie. It helped us keep sex sexy and baby making easy and stress free. Our perfect baby boy was born in October 2021.

- J & A from Iowa

J&A, Your journey mirrors our own, and we’re thrilled that Mosie was able to help you two meet your adorable little guy 😍! Thanks so much for taking a moment to share your journey with the community! We know it will inspire like-minded others to “keep sex sexy”. Squeeze that little guy for us! - Marc + Mo