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Last edit November 2, 2022

Any Mosie Baby customer can submit a review for Mosie Baby or Mosie Baby products. Only reviews made by confirmed customers will be published. After you submit a review it may take up to one month to be published on our website. Reviews that promote hate speech, include fear-mongering, medical diagnosis, other procedures, or inaccurately provide medical guidance will not be published. These include but are not limited to false claims about Mosie Baby or Mosie Baby products, profanity or inappropriate content, reviews not related to our product or service, mention of curing, diagnosing or treating a disease, listing of prescription medicines, or mention of other brands or competitor products. Mosie Baby reserves the right to reject or approve any review that does not meet compliance guidelines or provides what could be interpreted as medical guidance will not be published.

If you have any questions about our reviews process, please email As always, we're sending good vibes your way!