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Blog /Mamas-To-Be Found Using Mosie Intimate, Comfortable, and Affordable

Mamas-To-Be Found Using Mosie Intimate, Comfortable, and Affordable

We cannot wait to meet our little Libra baby ♎️🤗🎉.... Our TTC journey consisted of watching countless at-home insemination videos from lesbian couples on YouTube. We came across one couple who got pregnant on their first try using the Mosie Baby syringe kit, and from there we knew this was the route we wanted to take. Our process was intimate, comfortable and very cost efficient!!!

How many cycles did you use mosie? 5
Did you use frozen sperm? No

- R & B from Texas

R&B, Warmest congrats on your success with Mosie! We’re so happy that you found us and found inspiration from like-minded others. We live in amazing times if uncertain! Thank you both as well for sharing your journey with the Mosie community. Just as you found inspiration on YouTube, we’re sure your story will provide that same inspiration to others! Wishing you both a safe and healthy term and new addition! And keep us in the loop, we’d love to e-meet your little babe one day! -Marc + Mo


I couldn’t wait to reach out and give you the details of our sweet little girl.

Baby “BJ” 🌸 was born on October 4, 2020 at 5:12pm, 6lbs, 5oz, 18.5 inches.

I labored for 36 hours at home, 16 at the birthing center before being transferred to Baylor University Medical Center where I then labored for another 8 or so hours. I pushed her out in about 30 mins and now we’re so in love🥰.

Enjoy these pictures and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on her Mosie Baby onesie photoshoot!

R&B, OMG, goosebumps over seeing your little beauty! She’s perfect. Thank you both so much for taking the time to introduce us to her. She made our day. So happy that she and her Mamas are doing well. And we can’t wait to see her rockin’ her onsie! - Maureen + Marc

Smiling Mosie Baby

Newborn Mosie Baby