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Blog /At-Home ICI Simpler, More Comfortable Using Mosie for Baby #2 in this “Miracle Family”

At-Home ICI Simpler, More Comfortable Using Mosie for Baby #2 in this “Miracle Family”

A year ago I decided it was time to add to my little family. As with my first pregnancy, I used a donor. With the first, I didn’t even know about Mosie Baby and found at home ICI very uncomfortable. With medication and doubled up insemination for the cycle I had success. It was a miracle!

However, I felt like there had to be some better means to do home insemination. I didn’t like that so much of the sperm was left behind. Let’s be real, every swimmer counts and those contributions are not cheap! During the planning for my second, I learned of Mosie Baby.

In August 2018 I ordered your basic kit. Two months later I used your product. One time, ICI, no medication and JACKPOT! All it took was one try and I got my Big Fat Positive in time for Thanksgiving.

This past Tuesday July 9th I welcomed my little miracle baby girl to my miracle family.

Thank you! Motherhood was always the dream closest to my heart and with your help, you made my dream family a reality.

I’ve recommended your product to bunches of hopeful mothers. I’d be happy to have my story shared. I hope it helps someone. 

- DM from Ontario, Canada

DM, Warmest congrats your this beautiful babe’s addition to your “Miracle Family”! We’re smitten! Beyond that we’re so happy that you found Mosie to be a better IVI experience as that was our intention from the beginning. After trying a regular syringe ourselves, we share your sentiments on the experience. Sincere thanks for sharing the remarkable journey of your “miracle family” with this community. We have no doubt that your experience will provide insight and hope for like-minded others! -Maureen + Marc


All success stories featured here are from authentic Mosie Families! Individual results may vary. The Mosie Baby Kit does not claim to diagnose or treat diseases and is not intended to treat infertility. Consult your doctor if timed intercourse is not working, or if using the Mosie Baby Kit does not successfully result in a pregnancy within six months of trying.

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