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Blog /Expecting Dad Shares his Adventures Conceiving with Mosie!

Expecting Dad Shares his Adventures Conceiving with Mosie!

We used Mosie for one month without reading the instructions (in a bit of a hurry and thought how hard could it be). No luck. The next month we followed the directions about doing it twice. Success!

I have a bit of performance anxiety when trying to make a baby. Mosie made the whole thing so simple that I only had to concentrate on hitting the cup. The actual process was something I practiced extensively during my teenage years. 

Adding to the performance anxiety, my wife's grandmother was visiting when my wife hit the first signs of ovulation. I was able to excuse myself, take the sample, and call my wife up for a few seconds for the actual transfer. She could have done it on her own, but I wanted to be there. Then I left my wife to percolate. We were both out of the room for a minute or so. No one the wiser.

We were scheduled for IUI the next month. Mosie saved us a big chunk of cash as well.

Baby boy is due Nov 17. Thank you Mosie.

How many cycles did you use Mosie: 2
How long did you try before Mosie: Less than 6 months
What obstacles did you face: Performance Anxiety, Over 35

- J from Pennsylvania