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Blog /Mosie “Took The Stress Off” TTC After a Few Months of Timed Intercourse

Mosie “Took The Stress Off” TTC After a Few Months of Timed Intercourse

Just wanted to let you know I took a pregnancy test today, and your kit worked! I saw that faint line this morning, and I couldn’t be more happy 😃. We’re very happy to announce our next big adventure! We had been trying for a few months, and this honestly took the stress off of us personally, and we were able to conceive in one cycle! Keep hope alive, and keep your love strong <3 There’s a rainbow after every storm and we are very blessed to share our success. 

- S & J from Ohio

S&J, WooHoo! We love your story. A huge reason we made Mosie is because we were sick of the stress of timed intercourse. So we’re happy to know it had the intended effect on you guys. And frankly, we love that you tried Mosie after only a few months. Warmest congratulations to you both. And great thanks for sharing your story and advice with the community. It will absolutely provide some inspiration for like-minded others! Wishing you a successful and healthy term and new addition! - Maureen + Marc