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Blog /Their Mosie Pregnancy Test Delivered The Best News Ever

Their Mosie Pregnancy Test Delivered The Best News Ever

We tracked my cycle for many months before we decided to try conceiving. We also used ovulation strips to determine when would be the best time to try. When the strip started to show that I would be ovulating we started our at home insemination. Once we got the ovulation strip with the darkest line we tried two more times then waited. My partner was very eager to find out if we were pregnant. I was super anxious to test too early. I finally gave in and we used our Mosie pregnancy test to find out. We started with it flipped down. Then together we flipped it up revealing the result and it was positive. Clear as day! We are now currently 12 weeks 6 days. So thankful for Mosie's pregnancy test to reveal one of the greatest moments of our lives.

- L & A from Massachusetts

L&A, Warmest congratulations on your pregnancy! We’d like our readers to know that although you didn’t conceive using Mosie, it was your Mosie Pregnancy Test that delivered the good news! 🥳 And thank you both for sharing your journey with our community. It’s a big deal and we know it will provide a little insight for like-minded others! Wishing you a safe and healthy journey and new addition! - Marc + Mo