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Meet our Medical Advisory Board

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    Our medical advisory board includes renowned clinicians and legal advocates Dr. Sandra Carson, MD FACOG, Delphine O’Rourke, Partner at Goodwin and Adjunct Professor, Columbia Law School, Kwame Ulmer, MedTech Impact Partners’ Managing Partner, and Dr. Aaron Spitz, Urologist and Author. This esteemed group of clinical, regulatory, and legal experts support us here at Mosie Baby as we help our community inseminate from the privacy of their own homes.

    Kwame Ulmer, Managing Partner at MedTech Impact Partners
    Regulatory consultant and expert with 12 years experience at the FDA. Lecturer and researcher in medtech innovation at UCLA.

    Expansive access to fertility remains a massive challenge. I believe the strong management team at Mosie Baby is well positioned to  accelerate development of a platform to serve more patients who need an alternative insemination option. I have worked with over a thousand companies in my twenty year career and can say this team is committed to a meaningful option for millions of patients." - Kwame Ulmer

    Kwame Ulmer is the Managing Partner at MedTech Impact Partners – A Regulatory Strategy Consulting Firm. Kwame brings twenty years of experience evaluating medical technologies in the government and private sector, and serving in senior operating roles at medical device companies to help companies successfully engage the FDA. He has personally evaluated more than 1,000 medical technologies in his career. Kwame spent 12 years at the FDA in progressive leadership roles. He also served as Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at Implant Direct, a Danaher Corporation operating company. He is also a venture partner at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health – the leading Southern-California based, early stage venture capital firm (Seed and Series A) focused on the healthcare industry. He leads the medtech practice and participates in all aspects of fund management (e.g. deal sourcing, diligence, negotiation and advising portfolio company management teams). Kwame sits on the board and advises several privately held medtech companies. Kwame serves on the board of the University of Virginia Licensing and Ventures Group and California Life Sciences. He is also a lecturer and researcher in medtech innovation at the University of California, Los Angeles. Kwame founded MedTech Color, a nonprofit with a mission to advance the representation of persons of color in the medical device industry. He earned his B.S. in Physics from Lincoln University, and has two Masters degrees from the University of Virginia, in Materials Engineering and Business Administration.
    Delphine O’Rourke, Partner at Goodwin and Adjunct Professor, Columbia Law School

    “Millions of people desire a family and need a new generation of support. I advise many types of clients solving the greatest unmet needs in women’s health and wellness and I’m very excited to work with the Mosie Baby leadership.” - Delphine O'Rourke

    Recognized as one of the foremost attorneys specializing in women’s health, Delphine O’Rourke is a health law subject matter expert and leader of Goodwin's groundbreaking Women's Health & Wellness Industry practice. She is an advocate, thought leader and global speaker. 
    Dr. Aaron Spitz, MD, Urologist and Author
    Chairman of the American Urological Association’s Telehealth Task Force. Author of The Penis Book.

    “As an expert in male fertility i understand the critical role that insemination plays in allowing many couples to achieve successful pregnancy. Mosie Baby has innovated at-home insemination providing great tools and information to empower couples to take this important next step in the comfort of their homes, according to their own schedules. With expert information, an ergonomic collection and delivery system, and a mission that comes from their own personal journey I feel that Mosie Baby provides a needed opportunity for family building that is on the leading edge of modern fertility.” - Dr. Aaron Spitz

    Dr. Spitz has been practicing urology for over 21 years. He has specialized expertise in male reproductive medicine and male sexual health. Dr. Spitz practices the full spectrum of surgical and nonsurgical treatments for male infertility. He performs microsurgical varicocele surgery and sperm retrieval surgery for in vitro fertility as well as microsurgical vasectomy reversal. He has co-authored guidelines on vasectomy reversal and sperm retrieval in use by physicians around the world.  Dr Spitz is also a leader in telehealth serving as chair of the American Urological Association's telehealth task force. He has lectured and written guidelines regarding internet based male health platforms.  
    Dr. Spitz is author of The Penis Book: A Doctor’s Complete Guide to the Penis – From Size to Function and Everything in Between. The book has been translated to six languages and is available in audiobook format, with Dr. Spitz providing the narration. The book, published by Rodale Press, achieved top rank on Amazon in Male Impotence. Dr. Spitz has also authored several peer-reviewed journal articles and chapters regarding treatment for male fertility. He is a frequent media spokesperson on male health issues.
    Dr. Sandra Carson, MD FACOG
    Previously served as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' (ACOG’s) Vice President of Educationand consultant to FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

    Dr. Carson’s BS/MD are from Northwestern University Medical School, OB/GYN residency at Prentice Women’s Hospital, and REI fellowship at University of Chicago/Michael Reese Hospital. She was Professor and REI Director at Brown University and Tufts Medical School. As ACOG’s VP of Education she led the team to develop the course for New Department Chairs in OB/GYN, put the annual CREOG resident in-training examination on line, and re-structured in ACOG annual meeting. She published over 130 peer-reviewed papers, 60 chapters, and 6 books. She was associate editor for the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, editor-in-chief of Sexuality, Reproduction and Menopause and JournalWatch, Women’s Health. She was the ASRM 2019 Educator of the Year and the Worldwide EndoMarch 2020 Hero of the Year Dr. Carson was VP of ABOG, and Director of ABOG’s REI Division. She was elected VP of ACOG, ASRM President and Secretary-Treasurer of the SRI. She chaired FDA’s Reproductive Drugs Advisory Committee and was consultant to both FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health and the President’s Council on Bioethics. Finally, Dr. Carson’s research was funded by NIH for 18 years. She completed her tenure on NICHD Council. Her research development, the Artificial Human Ovary, was named a top 10 medical breakthrough in 2010 by Time magazine and Rhode Island 2011 Innovation of the Year. She holds 14 patents for medical innovations.