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Exploring Mosie as a Single Mother By Choice

How exciting that you're ready to start a family! One of our very first success stories from the Mosie Community was from a Single Mother by Choice

There are a lot of resources out there on the internet about becoming a Single Mother by Choice so we’ll focus here on how to use the Mosie Kit as an independent woman. 

So how does Mosie work? Mosie is a syringe intended to deliver sperm close to the cervix.

Can I use Mosie on my own? The short answer is: Yes, you sure can! 

Mosie is designed to be as familiar as using a tampon. And even if you haven’t used a tampon, as many in the Mosie community haven’t (especially those with vaginismus), it is very comfortable and easy to use on your own. 

What else to know? A Mosie kit comes with two Mosie syringes and a specimen cup, along with detailed directions. Sperm is not provided. 

It also might help to look at the instructions for use, provided in your kit. Here's a link! This will show you detailed directions on how to get the sperm into the syringe and how to transfer to your vagina. But essentially, you suction up the sperm into the Mosie syringe then lay down, get comfortable (with a few pillows under your hips), and release the sperm into your vagina. Very easy to do by oneself!

Hope this helps and we’re here if additional questions come up. You can reach out via our contact page! For more details, you can also check out this article on our blog. We are rooting for you and so proud of you for deciding to create your family on your own terms!