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Blog /Talking to Your Doctor About The Mosie Kit

Talking to Your Doctor About The Mosie Kit

When considering insemination at home, it’s natural to have some questions. Many people want to confirm if at-home insemination with the Mosie Kit is right for them, and the best way to do this is to check in with your medical provider, often this may be your ObGyn. Your ObGyn will know more specifics about your medical history, your cycles, and your desired timeline for conception.

Here are five tips on how to talk to your doctor about doing at-home insemination with the Mosie Kit. 

  1. Know that you are not alone. At-Home insemination, also known as ICI, is one of the oldest andmost common insemination options available. If you’re hoping to try at-home insemination on your journey, know that many families throughout history have tried it and found success!
  2. Make a list of questions ahead of time. We recommend asking questions such as:
    1. How do I track my cycles to make sure I inseminate at the right time?
    2. Is at-home insemination an option that could work for me?
    3. Can I use Clomid and the Mosie Kit at the same time?
  3. Share your "why." Sharing why you would like to try at-home insemination with the Mosie Kit can help your doctor understand your ideal path to parenthood.There are many reasons why someone may choose at-home insemination, including keeping conception at home. Oftentimes it can simply be a stress or performance-related issue, and your doctor may not know this is a concern for you unless you tell them
  4. Bring a notepad and pen. Take notes so that if you’re uncertain during the visit, and not feeling empowered to voice your concerns, you can refer back to your notes for a follow up call or visit. 
  5. Be an advocate for yourself. Don’t let fear of judgement prevent you from advocating for yourself.

Follow up with your doctor if you have success. 

Doctors are always looking to learn new ways to help their patients. By sharing your success story with your doctor, you may be able to help someone else in your situation!

What do I tell my doctor if I’ve had success with Mosie?

  1. Simply share the news with them! Your doctor will be so thrilled to hear your good news, and sharing your path to pregnancy can help them find suggestions for others in your situation.

Wherever your journey may lead, we’re here for you.If you have any questions or concerns, please feel welcome to reach out. We are truly wishing you the best on your journey!


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