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Fertility Foundations Digital Course

Learn how to grow your family with donor sperm

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Fertility Foundations Digital Course

Brought to you by our friends at Connecting Rainbows, this digital course will teach you everything you need to know, from start to finish, about growing your family with donor sperm. You'll hear from experts in the field including sperm banks, doctors, and even Mosie Baby co-founder, Maureen! Get exclusive access to the information you need on donor selection, fertility testing, the various methods of trying, costs, legality, and more.


Everything you need to know from start to finish
Learn from experts in the field including Mosie Baby co-founder Maureen
Digital course with unlimited access from Connecting Rainbows
Get FREE access to three different cryobank databases
Includes a Mosie tutorial from our co-founder Maureen

What's Covered?

2 wives kissing and holding up an ultrasound


One of the largest cryobanks will walk you through the process of selecting a sperm donor. Topics such as CMV, anonymous donors versus open ID donors (and how anonymous is no longer an option with CCB), the different type of vials and other considerations you may not even be thinking about!

A photo of a doctor's hands with a clipboard


CCRM Fertility will share what to expect when attending your first fertility assistance appointment. You'll learn about verbiage to be aware of and suggested questions to be prepared to ask!

A photo of a tear dropper dropping a liquid into a test tube


Hearing about what tests may be suggested can be overwhelming! CCRM Fertility will go over the most common and standard testing you can expect, from blood work, genetics and hysteroscopy to sitting down with a fertility counselor.

A couple holding a Mosie Kit smiling


Mosie Baby co-founder Maureen will walk you through the option of trying to conceive at home by demonstrating how to prepare for (and complete) an at home insemination with one of their Mosie Kits!

Couple holding positive pregnancy test


Most notably known as “IUI”, CCRM Fertility will discuss what to expect when trying to conceive through a clinic with this procedural option.

a hand holding invocell


INVOcell is a device that allows incubation to take place within the body. The efficiencies created by using INVOcell can make it a more cost effective assisted reproductive technology. You'll hear from the company that makes the device and one of the clinicians who opened an INVO Center.

Two women, one is pregnant and both are looking at her belly smiling


CCRM Fertility does a deep dive on what this procedure entails and all that you can expect if attempting to conceive via IVF. Plus, we will discuss what the “reciprocal” option is all about and how it is an incredibly unique way to conceive if both partners are anatomically female!

photo of clay sperm swimming toward clay egg


We know that paying for fertility treatments can be one of the most stressful aspects of the process. In this section, we will hear from a CCRM Fertility financial expert who will offer invaluable information around navigating insurance and potential costs of working with fertility clinics.

A photo of a lawyers desk with a gavel


We know that purchasing donor sperm is not for everyone and many will want to conceive with a known donor. However, it is not as simple as it sounds! We will discuss what needs to be in place to keep you and your potential child protected and how the legalities vary from state to state.

two moms hugging their toddler daughter and smiling


While we wish the issued birth certificate was enough to legitimize both you and your partner’s parenting rights, it is not in the United States. In this section, we will discuss what these terms, plus a few more, mean and why they are imperative to protecting your family’s rights

Supplemental Support

On top of our full course coverage, you'll hear from Jana Rupnow, LPC, a fertility therapist, adoptee and adoptive mother on how to navigate the emotional journey of the fertility process and how to navigate talking to your kids about being donor conceived. You'll also hear from a donor conceived adult, Lindsay Blount, who shares how parents can best support their donor conceived kids and what the donor conceived community wishes their parents did when they were younger.

Plus, you'll get exclusive fertility discounts and FREE access to California Cryobank, Fairfax Cryobank, and Seattle Spermbank's databases (an over $250 value)!


What is Connecting Rainbows?

From starting to growing your LGBTQ+ family, Connecting Rainbows is here to ensure that you are supported and protected – always. They connect their community with LGBTQ+ legal and fertility experts to start, grow, and protect your family. They've got you covered with carefully assessed lawyers and fertility clinics across the United States and Canada.

How will I access the course?

After purchasing through mosiebaby.com, you will recieve an email from connectingrainbows.org with the link to the course and login info. You will have lifetime access to these trainings! They will also provide you with access to the cryobank databases and coupons.

Important: This course is hosted by a third party, Connecting Rainbows and is sold by Mosie Baby. By purchasing, you acknowledge that your information will be shared with Connecting Rainbows.

I don’t live in the US, is this still applicable to me?

This course is created with the United States in mind. While laws are different all over the world, this course will provide you with the basic information you need on how to choose your donor as well as the treatment options you have when using donor sperm.

I’m deaf or hard of hearing. Can I still access this?

YES! All of our videos have closed captions.

Does this include a Mosie Kit tutorial?

Yes it does! In this course, our co-founder Maureen walks you through using Mosie with both fresh and frozen donor sperm.


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