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Artificial Insemination
at Home with Mosie
When traditional methods are not working or simply not an option, try Mosie!

It’s an easy, accessible option you can use in the comfort of your own home before investing in IUI.

By taking the guesswork out of insemination, Mosie has simplified the conception process for thousands of families.

It’s Simple,

and as familiar to use as a tampon!

The Mosie Bundle includes everything you need to get started:
The Mosie Kit (pictured here), Pregnancy Tests, and the Ovulation Predictor Kit.

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Brandi and Lawrence. Read their story here.

As of today I’m 8 weeks pregnant! My husband and I are a little in shock at how quick the process was. Thank you for such a wonderful product that really was easy to use, comfortable, and non-judgmental. Thank you for letting us accomplish something so beautiful on our own.


“ Mosie addresses an unmet clinical need I have witnessed as a fertility specialist. Its ease of use, functional design, and affordable price make it an at-home option worth trying on the path to conception ”

— Fertility Specialist, Lisa Hansard M.D.