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Blog /Helping Us Build Our Family as a Same-Sex Couple

Helping Us Build Our Family as a Same-Sex Couple

My wife and I always knew we'd like to start a family one-day. After tracking my ovulation for 8 months, getting my fertility checked and researching our options through a clinic based environment, friends of ours (also in a same sex relationship) suggested we try at-home insemination before going through any potential IUI, IVF. We were extremely fortunate to have a donor already who agreed to try the Mosie Kit with us. We used the Mosie Kit 3 days in a row before my ovulation date and I took a pregnancy test two weeks later. 2 lines appeared instantly - PREGNANT! We were hoping for the best but also thinking realistically that it may not work first time. To say we were lucky is an understatement. Still can't believe that our little bub is due in 6 weeks time! If we decide to try again for another baby one-day, we will certainly use the Mosie Kit again.

- B&E from NSW