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Blog /A Journey of Hope for a Family of Four

A Journey of Hope for a Family of Four

My Mosie journey started in 2021. At that time I had a beautiful healthy 3 year old girl from an uncomplicated pregnancy after trying for about 8 months. We then unexpectedly got pregnant in 2020 but we miscarried at 4 weeks and then tried for about 6 months before seeking help. I was 34 years old and after testing was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve by infertility doctors with an AMH at .45 whereas I should have been at a 1 or higher for my age.I was told I had eggs of a 40+ year old woman and that they were diminishing quickly. I was panicked that I was running out of time and we were considering all options. IVF sounded like a horrible painful and expensive experience, but it was still on the table. We started with two rounds of Clomid with one being an ultrasound monitored month with a trigger shot to no avail. We knew the risks of multiples were higher and that made me nervous as that would mean a more high-risk pregnancy. Between that and the cost it was just too much pressure.

I did my own research and learned that you can change your AMH and that it actually isn't the best test for fertility as it is only a snapshot of your ovaries at that point in time. I then found a fertility acupuncturist who was extremely confident that my situation was hopeful and that it was only a matter of time before I would become pregnant. They gave me a time frame of 6 months. I did weekly acupuncture treatments as well as other supplements, but I was becoming impatient. I then found Mosie! At that point I was like "why not?" I also had a tilted uterus so I thought this might help to put the sperm exactly where it needed to go. So, we tried it for two months. No luck. We moved on and I continued the acupuncture, but as we were approaching 6 months I was becoming discouraged and planned to quit after that last month. The waiting, the rollercoaster of emotions every month. It was just too much.

I then came across one success story on Mosie that specified that they used Mosie the day BEFORE they were expected to ovulate. I found this interesting, because I always waited for that smiley face on the ovulation stick before trying. I got one more kit and we tried it this way. We only used this. We did it before I ovulated and the day after. In the next few weeks, I took a pregnancy test and I was freakin pregnant! I couldn't believe it. I was terrified to show my happiness and jinx my pregnancy so that is why I am just now writing my testimony, but here we are in June 2023 and I am about to have a healthy one year old boy! I constantly thank God, but I wanted to make sure I am also thanking you all at Mosie Baby!! Never give up and don't always let one doctor's word determine your destiny. Do your own research and give Mosie Baby a try!

- C&J from TX