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Blog /Irregular Periods and Trying to Conceive

Irregular Periods and Trying to Conceive

Our periods are important to track when trying to conceive. Your "cycle" is from the beginning of your period to the beginning of the next period. During this cycle your body should release an egg, typically around cycle day 14. When it releases the egg and a few days prior is when you want to try to conceive - that time frame is called "ovulation". If your period is irregular it could be hard to pinpoint when you're ovulating. A good thing to do is to monitor your body and your cervical mucus. Checkout these videos to better understand your cervical fluid and tips on finding your cervix!

It's also helpful to use an app to track your period but don't rely on it to tell you when you're ovulating, especially if you're irregular. They're frequently off when women have irregular periods. Use your body to confirm ovulation! And if you haven't already, try using a Mosie ovulation predictor kit. This can help you confirm if you're actually ovulating.

If you don't get a positive on the ovulation predictor kit, check-in with your doctor to make sure you don't have any underlying issues.


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