Single Mother By Choice's Mosie Pregnancy Journey

a graphic of a fetus in the womb

My Mosie Story

There was nothing easy for me in the decision to become a Single Mother by Choice. Beyond making sure that I was financially and emotionally ready to take this leap, I had so many logistical questions about the process. How does one even do that? How would I ever choose the right donor? How much medical intervention was I looking for? How much did I need? 

I was extremely lucky to find so many good answers from soul searching, from my friends and family, from my wonderful OB-GYN, and from reading blogs and message boards from women who had made the same decision and gone through the process successfully. I decided fairly quickly that I wanted to have as natural a process as possible and decided on trying an at-home ICI using donor sperm before moving onto more medical involvement. I chose a donor. I charted my fertility obsessively. I read a lot. 

One of the things that surprised me was that most people used general medical syringes. They looked uncomfortable, and I worried about the sperm getting stuck in the tip of syringe. It was stressful and I wanted the best chance for success. I did some more research and almost randomly stumbled across the Mosie syringe. I was excited about buying something that was designed with this purpose in mind. Reading more on the website impressed me with the candidness and humor of the staff, and I decided to give it a try. 

I'll admit I was a little skeptical about the price, but ultimately decided that if it was as comfortable and easy to use as described (after all, it was designed for this), then I could afford another expense. 

I am happy to report that I did my at-home ICI over Memorial Day, and Mosie was exactly as described! It managed to draw up all of the specimen; it was easy and comfortable; AND... I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks later! I am now 11.5 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy due next February. Thank you so much for this product!!

Melanie N

Thank you Melanie for sending us this inspirational story. Wow. This is the absolute best part of our journey with Mosie.