Mosie Insemination Down Under!

Mosie Insemination Down Under!

Hi Marc & Maureen

Great news Shenoa is now 8 weeks pregnant. After only four tries with Mosie we got the best surprise of our lives. We are so so happy and so thankful we tried Mosie. We have told so many of our friends in Australia how fantastic Mosie Baby is. We want to thank you both for the love and heart you obviously put into creating this product and by the sounds of it you have helped to bring joy to so many peoples lives. Here is our little Mosie baby, taken at 8 weeks and 3 days!

Thanks again,

Genie & Shenoa, Melbourne, Victoria

These Mosie success announcements never get old (just the opposite!) and we're grateful for everyone that shares their story and inspires this community. Yay "Ozzie" Mosie Baby #1! - M&M