First Canadian Mosie Baby Update

Lesbian couple holding hands on a boat dock in the mountains

Normally we'd be sharing joyful photos of a brand new babe entering the world however these soon-to-be Canadian mamas were generous enough to send us photos from a maternity shoot that they did and we couldn't resist sharing them! We first told you about them in December here, now at 39 weeks they're so close! Capturing these oh-so-special pre-baby moments is such a great idea, they'll look on back on this time for years to come. We'll be sure to let you know when their little one arrives, keep checking our blog + social media accounts!  

BABY UPDATE!!! Baby "C" is officially a one-year-old...HappyBirthday beautiful! And guess what she's getting for her birthday? A sibling! That's right, MosieBaby number two is on the way for this growing family. We that you guys made us a part of your journey. You are an inspiration!

Photos: Megan Steen Photography