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One Month From Today...World's First Mosie Baby!!!

  • 1 min read

The honest truth is we never actually planned becoming our own first client. We hadn't even discussed a second child in much detail. Our only goal was to fill the void we saw (and personally experienced) in the baby makin' market. We tried to buy a "Mosie"...but Mosie didn't exist so we decided to take a HUGE chance and make what we would have wanted to use on our own. This ended up taking nearly two years and by that time our daughter June was about a year old. As you may know, it took us 2.5 years to become pregnant with June. Did we really want to go through the emotional conception rollercoaster again? Nope. But we did have this cool little product we'd created to make it easier for others...why not give it a shot? So we decided to leave it up to fate and try our new product for a single cycle (twice in one weekend) and fate handed us a verdict a few weeks later. We're over the moon to make this announcement to you today. The world's first Mosie Baby arrives in exactly one month. Wanna know what it is? Click play. Much more to come as this journey continues. - Maureen & Marc