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Will Mosie work if I have PCOS?

Sorry to hear of your challenges, PCOS is so unfair! We have had conceptions reported from women with PCOS. You can read their journeys here: and you can read more about TTC with PCOS at this link:

But first thing first - can you confirm you are ovulating regularly? That can sometimes be a challenge with PCOS. If so, great! You have the opportunity to try to conceive on your own or with Mosie. If not, I would highly recommend consulting your physician or a natural fertility specialist before considering Mosie.

We recently conducted a clinical research study of 350 Mosie Kit users with the help of an external clinical researcher. In that study, Mosie was proven to be as effective as IUI, and for folks with a fertility issue, the success rate was 22%. As with all procedures, including IUI and IVF, individual results may vary depending on age and obstacles.

If you are currently "trying" we encourage you to stay informed amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Check-in with your ob-gyn or doctor via phone about how best to proceed. If you're unsure if Mosie is right for you, it's good to check in with your doctor before purchasing.

Hope this helps and please do email us if any other questions come up. We are wishing you success no matter your path to conception!