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Will Mosie Work If I Have Endometriosis?

  • 1 min read

We have had reported success stories from Mosie users dealing with endometriosis. You can read a few here: https://www.mosiebaby.com/blog/?category=Endometriosis

Mosie may be worth a try, but I want to tamper your expectations as the severity of your endometriosis may inhibit your odds even with Mosie.

Here are Mosie's benefit's and we’re going to get a bit graphic. From a design standpoint Mosie is ideal for removing potential obstacles that certain couples may have (presuming there’s a man in the picture, and if there isn’t disregard the “penis” part!).

First off, it’s an ideal size for dropping a sperm sample off at the cervical opening of most women. Men's ejaculation itself can fluctuate and this coupled with the position of the cervical opening in women, which can also vary…means that many couples may potentially be “missing” due to physical make-up.

Bottom line is that the sperm should safely arrive at or near the cervical opening with Mosie. From there it’s up to mother nature, but remember it only takes one!

Beyond this, being able to use Mosie in the comfort of your home and on your own terms can be a stress reliever when it comes to conception. So whether or not you have endometriosis or just need a break, this variable tends to be helpful for Mosie users.