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Why Does Mosie Cost More Than a Regular Syringe?

A Mosie Kit comes with 2 Mosie syringes, a specimen collection cup, and detailed instructions on how best to use Mosie.

Regarding price, there are a lot of factors when bringing a product to market that dictate price - legal, quality & regulatory, engineering, design, marketing, packaging, and manufacturing - just to name a few! It’s crazy.

We are a small (husband & wife) company and our goal from the beginning was to provide an alternative to intercourse that people from all walks of life could safely use at home before potentially spending thousands on invasive medical procedures with no guarantees.

We created Mosie with input from a fertility specialist after our own journey led us to a diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility. If someone wants to use a normal syringe, they are always able to do that. We just always felt like there had to be a better option, designed for this purpose and for the vagina. And so we created Mosie! For us, this has been a labor of love, literally. Our second child came to be from Mosie. If you'd like to learn a bit about what makes Mosie special, take a look at our video on our how it works page.