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My tubes are tied... will Mosie work?

We often get asked a very honest question…Can I use Mosie if I’ve had my tubes tied? 

And the short answer is, unfortunately, no. 

Mosie is an option for many people but unfortunately, it is not a good option for those who have had their Fallopian tubes blocked, tied, cut, clamped, removed, or burned. So if you have previously had a child or children and your doctor performed a permanent procedure on you to prevent you from having other children, it is not possible to use the Mosie syringe. 

So why is this? To conceive successfully a person with ovaries needs to be able to have an egg released from her ovaries go down her Fallopian tubes. Sperm also need to be able to meet the egg in order to create a baby. But sperm typically meet the egg in the Fallopian tubes. If the sperm can’t get through the Fallopian tubes, and the egg can’t get through the Fallopian tubes, they’ll never meet to make a baby. 

Many forms of permanent birth control block the sperm and the egg from meeting. If you’ve had your tubes tied or clamped you can potentially get a reversal. Only after that reversal would Mosie be an option to consider. 

Otherwise, the only option that we’re aware of that bypasses the tubes would be in vitro fertilization (IVF). Our heart aches for you if you’ve had this procedure and you find yourself desiring another child. If we can help answer any other questions, please do  reach out to us