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Is it safe to use the Mosie Syringe for home insemination? Is Mosie sterile?

Is Mosie safe to use?

Yes! The Mosie Kit is clinically proven safe to use, and over 60,000 families have safely inseminated with Mosie on their paths to parenthood.

We took a lot of care and did a lot of research so that we could bring a safe, comfortable syringe to you. Our medical-grade Mosie syringes are assembled in a medically licensed clean room in the USA. They are also DEHP & latex-free, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic and arrive individually sealed for your safety.

When designing Mosie we consulted with a fertility specialist on getting the size right for the body and brought in a quality and regulatory specialist to ensure the materials were safe, and a design engineer to help us create a gentler "flow" with our slit opening for the sperm. Mosie is about the size of a tampon and very comfortable to use.

Is Mosie sterile?

Like tampons, sex toys, soft cups, penises, and many other items used in the vagina, the Mosie Syringe is non-sterile (but is made of medical-grade materials and assembled in a much cleaner, safer environment).

Bacteria that causes infertility is linked to sexually transmitted diseases and viruses, or to an overgrowth of bacteria naturally occurring in the vaginal tract. Bacteria that is known to cause infertility is not linked to non-sterile, single use items. If that was the case, all of the above mentioned items (sex toys, etc) would be causing a whole bunch of people to have infertility issues. If you think you have an overgrowth of naturally occurring bacteria in your vagina, please check with your doctor prior to using Mosie. Using a sterile vs non-sterile syringe is not proven to increase your chances of pregnancy.

Is Mosie re-usable?

No! Risk of infection is one reason Mosie syringes, and all insemination syringes, are required by the FDA to besingle-use only. Further, Mosie, like any syringe, is comprised of moving parts that may become compromised after even a single-use. The rubber stopper specifically (on any syringe) loosens after each use and will eventually become unreliable. The stopper on Mosie (and most syringes) is also very lightly coated with a medically safe lubricant to ensure smooth movement which will likely deteriorate after washing.

You will find that Mosie is not alone here. Please be aware that any syringe that claims to be able to offer re-use is not following FDA regulations and is unlawfully marketing their syringes at the risk of their users health and well-being. Most manufacturers discourage using any syringe multiple times. This is exactly why we include two Mosie syringes in every kit and we offer a subscription option. More tries translates into better odds for conception!
For these reasons we do not recommend reuse and are not liable to any outcomes from multiple uses.
To help make your TTC journey a little easier, we offer 5% off all subscription orders. By signing up fora subscription, you'll receive your discounted Mosie Baby conception essentials every month, right when you need them and you'll have the ability to change or cancel anytime. Ourclinical study shows 92% who conceived with Mosie, did within 4 cycles!