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If you want to start a family, but traditional methods are either: A) not working as quickly as you'd hoped or B) not an option, meet Mosie, the perfect syringe for making a baby at home. Designed by women specifically for conception, Mosie is a safe, simple, affordable option worth trying before IUI. And it’s as familiar to use as a tampon. Mosie is MD-endorsed with a patent-pending design that's simply perfect for making a baby at home!

it’s simple,

it’s not rocket science, just regular science.

Mosie Success Stories

As of today I’m 8 weeks pregnant! My husband and I are a little in shock at how quick the process was. Thank you for such a wonderful product that really was easy to use, comfortable, and non-judgmental. Thank you for letting us accomplish something so beautiful on our own.
CT - Ontario CA
We did it! The first time we attempted Mosie we were pregnant. We were one appointment away from starting IVF treatment. We had been trying for 2 years with no success. Below is a photo from today’s 9 1/2 week ultrasound. We are told we have a healthy baby with a very strong heartbeat. We are beyond excited and so grateful for Mosie!
V & B - Lafayette, LA
IUI seemed so scary. We wanted a simpler more intimate option. When I stumbled upon Mosie, we agreed that it was the best option. It was a way that would allow both of us to have a part in the process, and the best part was that we could inseminate at home! It only took two tries but now we have a baby on the way! Mosie is a life-saver.
A & P - Sacramento, CA
After our year long journey of trying to concieve, 5 failed IUI's, and countless days of struggle and heartache....we FINALLY got our BFP on our FIRST try at home with using Mosie. We are over the moon and are spreading the news about Mosie Baby to our healthcare providers, other same sex couples and anyone we know struggling to conceive.
M & K - Hendersonville, NC
We tried a traditional syringe first, and it didn’t feel comfortable and didn’t work. The Mosie videos really helped me understand exactly what days were optimal and we conceived the first attempt! We have already recommended your product to everyone in our community trying because this product works and takes all of the guess work out of conception. We will absolutely use Mosie to make our next baby! Thank you so much!!
L & B - Austin, TX

Why Try Mosie?

Designed to Make a Baby

Designed by women, for women. Unlike other types of syringes, Mosie is the only syringe specifically designed for insemination.

Maximize Chances

Instead of a standard barrel that traps a significant amount of sperm, Mosie features a rounded nub that ensures maximum release and minimizes waste.

Angular Opening

The Mosie syringe takes its cues from Mother Nature, with a longer, angular opening that creates a better flow for your precious cargo.

Round And Round

You won’t find a harsh line on Mosie. We rounded off every edge to make it both comfortable and ideal for insemination.

Perfectly Snug

Mosie’s custom designed rounded stopper is the yin to the rounded end’s yang, ensuring smoother sample collection and maximum transfer.

“ Mosie addresses an unmet clinical need I have witnessed as a fertility specialist. Its ease of use, functional design, and affordable price make it an at-home option worth trying on the path to conception ”
— Fertility Specialist, Lisa Hansard M.D.